Friday, June 26, 2009

Mandan Parade and Buggies N Blues

I grew up in Bismarck and like most Bismarckians I never felt a need to cross the river into Mandan. Then we found a lovely house in Mandan, packed up our belongings and made the huge trek across the bridge.

Now I see there are several things Mandan has to offer,
  • Lindy Sue's (Jon loves the sloppy joes, extra sloppy)
  • Butcher Block Meats
  • Beer sold on Sundays!
  • Larsons Creative Concepts!!!!
  • And great events
We are excited to be a part of some fun events in Mandan over the next month. Larsons shop will have a float in the Mandan Parade on July 4th. And no ordinary float - we are pulling out all stops for this one. It will be worth seeing!

Saddly Buggies N Blues had some awful weather on June 7th - it is North Dakota after all. But we are happy to report the car show has been rescheduled for July 26. We'll be there as usual, so stop by the booth and say hi.

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