Monday, June 8, 2009

what happens in Vegas...

Yesterday was a dreary, rainy afternoon. The kind of afternoon perfect for scrounging up a babysitter and heading of for a matinee showing at our local movie theater. Well, about half the town had the same idea with the inclement weather canceling Buggies N Blues ( :( Bummer) so Jon and I and ten of our closest friends hunkered down in the jam-packed theater for "The Hangover". Hilarious!

Made me wistful to be 21 again so I could do it all over... and crazier.

Oh, but wait. We are getting a chance to have our own Vegas adventure. In the name of further education, Jon and I are packing up our bags, leaving the baby with grandparents and heading to a tattoo conference in October.

It's gonna be awesome. Nothing compares to getting to see the best of the best in action and steal some tips and techniques along the way.

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