Monday, August 17, 2009

portrait of grandpa

Jon made me add a disclaimer to this post. He didn't want to have the picture up because, "it doesn't do the tattoo justice." I love the tattoo and I'm the wife, so I win.

But I will add this, the picture DOES NOT do the tattoo justice. Since an arm is a curved surface, it foreshortened the tattoo when we took a picture. Most notably, this made the nose look off from the reference picture. It's not. The tattoo is dead on to the picture, but we do the best we can to document his work short of going house to house dragging our customer by the arm :)


Saturday, Jon did this tattoo on a guy from Williston. He brought us a portrait of his grandpa. A tribute to a grandparent is always near and dear to our hearts. After all, Emma is named after Jon's grandma and her middle name, Lynn, was my grandfather's name.

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