Friday, July 9, 2010

seven toddlers and one float :: parade recap

Do you know any two-year-olds who stay focused on one task for five hours? … Didn’t think so. But none-the-less that is exactly what we attempted to do during last Sunday’s 4th of July parade.

Again this year Jon and I tried to prove family and tattoos go together by putting seven young children (and one very little baby) in our 4th of July float. It proved a little tougher the second time around.

Last year, when we participated in the parade, the start time was two hours earlier (darn Sunday church) and most of the kids couldn’t walk. The difference this year meant that by the time we left the park to start the parade it was all of kids’ nap time, and they didn’t ride in their custom wagons that Jon and I spent a week solid toiling over.

But despite those negatives, it was still a great time!

It’s fun to get out and show that our family-owned business is just that, family owned and family focused. It is amazing how many hours these dads put into building personalize wagons for their kids. And, it’s fun to take something as alternative as a tattoo shop and show its softer (though still cool) side. After all, most tattoos are about family and very personal.

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