Wednesday, October 7, 2009

new tattoo after care product

We are bringing more back with us from Vegas than just photos of Sly. We've gotten on board with a new product to heal and protect you fresh tattoos. Move over A&D!

I am the happy owner of a new tattoo on my wrist from the tattoo show. I've been using After Inked exclusively for the past week to heal the tattoo and I'm thrilled with the product – so thrilled in fact that we've decided to carry it in our shop.

It is a lotion, so it absorbs into the skin instead of sitting on the surface of your tattoo like A&D. This means your tattoo can stay moist while it is allowed to breath and heal. There is no longer a need to use A&D and then switch to a lotion to heal your tattoo. You can use After Inked immediately for the best results.

And no stains on your clothes! Plus After Inked has grape seed extract so it smells great.

We have the pillow packs and a limited amount of the bottles available at our shop.

I've used one pillow pack to take me through the whole healing process of my wrist tattoo. They're great because the pillow packs are resealable and one pack is enough to heal a small tattoo.

I love that the larger bottles are designed so you never contact the lotion inside the bottle. This eliminates possibility of contaminating the lotion.

Pick yours up today at our shop, 109 3rd Ave. NE, Mandan ND.

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